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Windows error fixing
We Fix all Windows Errors
Does your Windows computer fail due to errors?

Your computer is a very powerful machine which can run many programs simultaneously however not all programs are tested with all versions of Microsoft Windows nor are they tested with the millions of third party software providers.

Sometimes a virus or malware can make it's way on to your machine causing errors or problems not just with the operating system but with third party software installed.

We endeavour to fix the problem not just wipe your hard drive clean and install a fresh new operating system (although by request we can do this to click here). The operating system or third party software will quite often report an error code which we can use to identify and fix the problem without having to reinstall everything from scratch.

Some of the common issues we fix are
  • Microsoft Windows operating system errors
  • Microsoft Office errors
  • Email errors
  • Hardware faults causing software errors
  • Operating system driver issues
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