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Does you Macbook have hard drive issues?

Is your hard drive full?

Would you like your Macbook returned to its original state?

We offer a full range of repair services for hard drive issues, from data recovery to replacement.

Your laptop may be running slow, show signs of errors or even not boot up due to problems
developed within your hard drive. Our service provides a diagnosis of the exact problem and offers you the best solution moving forward.

Does your Macbook show errors or does not boot?

Hard drives usually develop problems due to it's age or prematurely when mis-treated, this can lead to data* loss or your laptop not booting up.

We can fix the majority of hard drive issues however sometimes when bad sectors start to occur we would replace the hard drive with a brand new one, install a fresh version of OSX and move your existing data* on to it. Either way your laptop would be returned to you working as normal.

Hard drive is full

We often find that we do not keep track of how much data we store or how valuable it is. We can replace your current hard drive with a brand new one of a size that best suits you, install a fresh version of OSX and move your existing data* back on to the new drive. This not only keeps your data* safe but your laptop will feel like new again.

Alternatively we can install a new hard drive, install a fresh version of OSX and hand you back your old hard drive complete with your data* to use as an external USB backup drive.

Please use our free estimate service to receive a quotation for any repairs you may require, after all you have nothing to lose.

*    Your data does not include software packages you may have installed. You will be required to install these again yourself.
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